Thursday, June 11, 2009

Oasis versus the local press

It's probably quite heartening for the Manchester Evening News to discover that Oasis care quite so much about their columnists.

Not even the music columnists. Oh, no. Oasis are obsessed with Angela Epstein, who suggested that Heaton Park might not be the best place for 70,000 music fans. Liam responded by dedicating a song to her.

And the only people who like a bit of attention more than rock stars are local paper journalists, so Epstein used her column to mention the tribute.

And the only person who likes attention more than local paper journalism are the Gallaghers, so of course, Noel couldn't let it lie:

I feel though that I must just give one final little bit of "kudos" (her word, not mine) to Angela Bernstein (sic) – a ginger whinger from the MEN who has written a couple of sh***y little pieces over the last few days.

"In them she claimed that we – and by that I mean YOU – had no 'right' to 'come up here' from London, Liverpool, Birmingham, Leeds, Glasgow, Tokyo, LA, Milan, all over the world in fact, to 'her' wonderful piece of England and enjoy ourselves and leave a little bit of mud.

"What a joyless old husk!!"

A joyless old husk? I suppose it does raise the question of why Oasis do their homecoming gigs so far from where they've made their home, but the big question is will Epstein respond? Will there be more about this in the papers? Must check the papers... read the papers...

[via @bridetorr]