Thursday, August 27, 2009

Griffin done: JLS

The weak attempts to try and make JLS seem interesting continue. Consisting of "they drink alcohol" and "they drive cars", the pitch seems to be to try and cast them in the way that a 15 year-old might talk about a boyfriend in the upper sixth. Clearly, Gordon Smart is on board, but who else would fall for such a proposition?

Hello, Zoe Griffin. How are you?

I ran into the boys at last nights MOBO nominations awards launch and they were yet again showing us all how to have a good time.

They didn’t even look hungover from the previous nights antics (Alexandra Burke’s birthday).

The boys have been flashing their new found cash so much recently it seems there management have told them to curve their spending!

But this wont stop the younger singers, they’ve managed to get [a booze company] tequila to give them a £3000 bottle of tequila each!

Looks like we’re still going to seeing a lot of JLS on the party scene.

Can we just take the repeated need for "sic" as read there? And instead just wonder if Zoe has paused to consider why, when she's the one giving the Tequila company the free plug, it's the gameshow New Edition who get the free booze?


Mikey said...

Curve their spending?


That's it. Literacy is dead.

Or Showbiz Zoe needs to be immolated alive outside the British Library

One of the 2.

Paul Wells said...

Don't worry. Seeing as Zoe managed to get the name of the tequila company in question wrong, I doubt its the big plug they were hoping for...

WE ARE said...

Yes, but were they drinking Voltz energy drink, Zoe?

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