Monday, September 21, 2009

Gordon in the morning: You've done this already

Amy Winehouse forcing her goddaughter into her footsteps?

But while AMY WINEHOUSE's beehive, tattoos and druggie past may not fit the image, she's busy working her magic for goddaughter DIONNE BROMFIELD.

The singer has conjured up a top recording contract for the 13-year-old starlet on her new label Lioness Records, which launches this week.

Didn't you already do this story back in July?
She's got a string of meetings in the next few days to put the finishing touches to her record label, Lioness.

Amy is also preparing the release of the debut album by her 13-year-old goddaughter, DIONNE BROMFIELD, for later in the year.

Actually - didn't you do this story back in March as well?
Dionne, from Chislehurst, Kent, has signed to Amy's new record company, Lioness.

She will become the first artist to release an album on the label this spring.

Her debut compilation will include original music as well as cover versions, with Amy singing on three songs and doing backing vocals on others.

Still, at least repeatedly revealing that Amy Winehouse is using her goddaughter to try and rebuild her image makes a change from the daily non-stories about Robbie Williams. Today, by the way, it's a UFO watching tale.

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