Friday, October 02, 2009

Gordon in the morning: A little drink

One of the reasons that The Sun is withdrawing its support for Labour is the boozy, woozy nature of Britain:

Booze ... the number of alcohol-related deaths and violence has soared since Labour came to office

Yes. Who else but the government should be held responsible for the increase in drinking and the belief that getting smashed is cool?

Sorry, we were drifting off topic. What's Gordon got for us this morning? Still at the MOBOs, he's reminding us that getting smashed is cool:
IT was even-stevens with two gongs apiece at the MOBO Awards for N-DUBZ and JLS.

But party animals DAPPY, TULISA and FAZER from N-Dubz put their rivals to shame with some seriously boozy aftershow antics.

The trio lasted the distance during a whisky-fuelled tear-up - while ASTON, MARVIN, ORITSE and JB peaked too early.

Presumably it was Gordon Brown himself who suggested to Gordon Smart that he should write in glowing terms about young people drinking as if the amount you can put away should be a matter of pride. Right?