Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Gordon in the morning: The inevitable Williams/That reunion

Gary, Gary... how about you take me back for charity? I could be a good cause, couldn't I, Gary? You could offset me against tax or something

Yes, Children In Need is doing its bit for abandoned, child-like men, seeing them reunited with the families they once walked out on, as Take That find something for Robbie Williams to do.

Gordon's excited, although he hasn't yet seemed to understand that a permanent reunion between That and It will result in a 50% drop in stories for his column.

Come with us as Gordon gives us a glimpse behind the scenes at the preparations:

I also clocked Gary Barlow when I was down there, dunking a digestive into a cup of tea like he'd spent the morning Artexing ceilings - not putting together a set list for a stellar line-up of talent.

He was eating a biscuit. An ordinary biscuit, too - not a showy biscuit like an iced party ring; not something French like a Bourbon. That's how down-to-earth he is. Eating biscuits like you and me.

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