Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ting Tings now a subsidiary of Jay-Z

If the Hip Hop Chronicles are to be believed, Jay-Z has signed The Ting Tings to Roc Nation, and is going to mastermind the next stage of their career:

One source said,

“Jay is hoping to lend his production skills to some of the new material, the staccato rhythmic style of The Ting Tings sits well with what he does best, so that was the attraction”. Jay can make them one of the biggest British bands across the pond”

It's like the feeling you get when a small, caring, organic brand is bought up by a multinational food-processing company. You can understand the desire to build the market for the good things you're doing, but can't help worrying that what made them special can only be flushed out by the deal.

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