Thursday, November 26, 2009

The open minds of Take That fans

Let's get this straight, then. People turned out for the launch of a glorified karaoke Take That game, sat through James Corden quite happily, and started booing Speech Debelle instead?

Singers Lily Allen, Paloma Faith and Rachel Stevens, model Kate Moss, and Pixie Geldof were also at the party.

And yet it was Speech Debelle who was booed? Blimey.

Apparently her crime was to rap her way through Pray (or, possibly, to pray her way through rap). Does she not respect the integrity of their music?


James said...

She was also criticised by host James Corden, who said "anyone can rap"

Charming. He also thought anyone could make a successful sketch show for BBC3, and look how that turned out.

Robin Carmody said...

I tried once (rap, that is). It was a big mistake.

When will this institutionalised bigotry end?

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