Sunday, November 08, 2009

Woot-ton: JLS can't take the attention

The non-stories underlining how utterly fantastic JLS are seem to have started to dry up in the Sun, so they're now punting them to the next tier down. A breathless Dan Wootton pants off:

Band studs MARVIN HUMES and ASTON MERRYGOLD are being forced to flee their luxury pad in London after being hounded with saucy propositions from female fans.

My insider revealed: "Aston and Marvin love living together but they're considering moving for security reasons."

The odd woman is stood in the street saying "lick my privates", and that's a security issue? Really?

Perhaps they should stop using Lynx. I'm given to understand this is a side-effect of that.


Anonymous said...

Last years contestants seem to be doing great!

Laura White has a new song out called you should have known!

Download Laura White’s new song ‘You should have known’ here

simon h b said...

That's spam, you know. But it's so heartbreaking, I can't bring myself to delete.

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