Monday, January 04, 2010

The Guardian applauds Lily Allen

The Guardian fills its third leader space with praise for Lily Allen. She's like a role model, in her rejection of those tiresome, flesh-flashing pop tarts:

Lacking a strong singing voice like Amy Winehouse, she relies instead on gently humorous, even cutting lyrics. With themes centring around family and messy break-ups, Allen's topics verge on the dark, but she treads lightly. "I'll take my clothes off and it'll be shameless, 'cos everyone knows that's how you get famous," she sings in The Fear.

Perhaps the Guardian might want to celebrate by buying a copy of her calendar:

Oh. Or, maybe not. "I'll take my bra off, have bits of tit showing/ 'cos everyone knows that how you keep sales growing", perhaps?


Simon said...

There's no reason at all for them to run this today, is there? She's not been in the showbiz news as such, she's not got anything out or touring yet or somesuch, even the most recent reference is to something she said in September.

simon h b said...

It seemed to be odd - not even an appearance on the TV to hang it on. Perhaps things are so grim they're running out of things to be positive about. I'm picturing an editorial meeting where they were tossing up between Lily Allen and that surprised kitten off of YouTube.

I'd have gone with the kitten, to be honest.

Anonymous said...

The fact her gigs with Dizzee Rascal haven't sold out yet might be one reason.

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