Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Gordon in the morning: You've done this already

Gordon admits that today's story about JLS launching condoms is a joke he's run before:

Heart-throbs MARVIN HUMES, ASTON MERRYGOLD, ORITSE WILLIAMS and JONATHAN "JB" GILL came up with the idea after joking about contraception in The Sun.

The reason for running the story again just over a month after it first appeared?

Someone is apparently taking it seriously:
Since then condom giant Durex - Britain's leading sellers of the contraceptive - have got in touch and the lads have agreed in principle to join forces.

Have they?
A source close to JLS said: "The lads mentioned the idea of a Just Love Safe campaign in passing.

"It was a light-hearted joke at the time but management and Durex have had conversations about making it happen.

"Later this year they will announce their exact intentions."

"Have had conversations" isn't quite "agreed in principle", and even "agreed in principle" isn't the same as "is going to happen."

And it almost certainly won't - given that JLS fans tend to be younger girls, why would Durex be trying to sell them condoms? And even if the product did exist, how many young men would be interested in this sort of product:
The boys, whose hits include Everybody In Love, also want to colour-coordinate the range.

They were each assigned a shade when they first got together - with Aston being blue, Marvin, 24, green, Oritse, 23, red and JB, 23, yellow.

Yes, young, sexually-inexperienced men choosing if they're going to wrap their knobs in Aston or Oritse. A few would be interested - but I'm not sure they're the market which JLS are interested in.


Anonymous said...

I would imagine, should anything come of this, the 'conversation' will be about JLS lending their support to a safe sex campaign, rather than seeing their phases staring up from chemist windows the land over

James said...

JLS-branded condoms called 'Just Love Safe'? They didn't want to go with my suggestion of 'Jizzy Love-Sacks' then?


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