Friday, April 23, 2010

Darkness at 3AM: Vickers in a to-do

Diana Vickers 'accidentally' tells the Mirror she's going out with someone:

Blushing, Diana said: “I don’t know why I said that – I am dating someone. I just got really flustered. We’ve been casually dating for a little while.

“He’s just a regular Joe, so he’d kill me if I say his name and because it’s at such an early stage I don’t want to tell anyone yet. I’m so busy it’s hard to fit a boyfriend in, we’re just seeing how it goes.”

How delightful for Vicker's paramour to open the paper today and see himself described as "an ordinary joe." I wonder if she makes him dress up in a boiler suit?

What makes it even more bemusing is that it's Diana Vickers. You're not Lady GaGa. You can imagine Mr. Ordinary Joe telling his mates "yeah, I'm seeing this woman - it's nobody you know, though..."


moosh said...

How odd that it's word for word what Heat printed on Tuesday. Must be a slow news day.

Peter D said...

Wasn’t she casually dating the odd looking Irish boy from off of the X factor? Have I got her mixed up?

James said...

No, you're right, there was talk of something going on* between her and Eggnog Quigg during the series. Of course, following the less-than-stellar success of his solo career, it could well be him she's talking about now :(

* 'Talk' of course meaning 'Tabloids copy-and-pasting SyCo press releases into stories about how 'close pals' have said there's 'obviously something going on between them' on those pesky quiet Wednesdays between the live shows when there's no actual news to report on'

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