Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Gordon in the morning: JLS send a postcard

You'll have been wondering how JLS are getting on breaking America, of course - Gordon has the latest this morning:

THE JLS lads look like they are getting used to this LA lark.

This "getting used" to the "LA lark" consists of a photo of the band walking down the street carrying soft drinks.

It's like they could have born there, isn't it?

In other grim news, Smart reports that Russell Brand is planning to stretch a weak joke too far, with an album of the songs his character from Forgetting Sarah Marshall & Get Him To The Greek has supposedly recorded:
I'm a betting man and I have already set aside a crisp tenner to stick on Russell having a No1 single with one of the comedy tunes from the film.

My particular favourite is a track called The Clap - and it isn't about applause.

Hahahaha. Given how subtle the joke was, Universal records would have been reassured to discover that Gordon got The Clap.

But it's not actually betting if all you do is put the ten pounds to one side - an actual betting man would have, erm, made the bet, surely?

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