Sunday, January 23, 2011

This week just gone

The most-read things from the archive, so far this year:

1. R Kelly video thing
2. The naked McFly
3. BNP-types try to set neighbours on Billy Bragg
4. Ten years of XRRF
5. Tatu complain that people think they're gay
6. Rihanna frowns; Gordon Smart blames her hair
7. Kerry Katona removes her top
8. Liveblog: The last Mark and Lard show
9. Coming soon - the Nick Snaith chart show
10. Music industry ponders selling music to people who want to buy music

These were records you could buy, possibly even at HMV:

Robert Pollard - Space City Kicks

Download ... Is Off To Business

Heidi Spencer And The Rare Birds - Under Streetlight Glow

Download Under Streetlight Glow

The Decemberists - The King Is Dead

Download The King Is Dead

Tangerine Dream - The Virgin Years

Download The Virgin Years

Marc Almond - Vermin In Ermine

Download Vermin In Ermine