Thursday, February 17, 2011

Gays coming out the Sky

For a while, conventional wisdom has held that a radio station looking for digital distribution is better off going with satellite TV rather than the unloved DAB. Gaydar Radio is laughing in the face of that wisdom, though, and dropping Sky but keeping DAB:

Robin Crowley, Gaydar Head of Radio, comments: “With a drop in the numbers of listeners through the Sky platform and the convergence of TV and online we want to capitalise on the platforms our audience are telling us they prefer to use. There are a lot of exciting new developments on the horizon for the entire Gaydar brand so we can ensure the radio station and the website continue to be as relevant and accessible for our audience as possible.”
It's a pity there isn't a bit more detail - have Sky audiences tanked, or is it just that other platforms are growing more quickly and offering better listener-per-pound distribution value? And is this just something happening to Gaydar, or are all radio stations finding their share of big blue screen listeners are vanishing?

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