Thursday, February 17, 2011

Gordon in the morning: And then Take That came out wearing the very same uniforms

Gordon has all the hot news from the day before yesterday, as he tries to read the notes he scribbled at the Brits. Plan B is moaning thta Take That effectively came up with same dance routine as he did:

He only discovered the clash on the morning of the show when it was too late to change.

He said: "I couldn't believe it when I came in and saw their police. I just saw their shields and said, 'What the f*** is this?' "
Still, at least Plan B could take comfort in not having Robbie Williams in his version.

Tinie Tempah tells Gordon that he can't stop thinking about Cheryl Cole:
He said: "I met her at the awards for the first time and jeez man, she's even more beautiful in the flesh. And so sweet."
Gordon's advice?
He should get stuck in.
Ah, the old-fashioned charm of the professional journalist.

And now, a small apology: during my Brits liveblog on Tuesday night, I predicted that Gordon would be popping up on Wednesday morning to say how brilliant James Corden was as host. Actually, he didn't do that until this morning. I regret the error.
As for James's job in the hosting role, he wanted it to be all about the music, and the mission was accomplished.

His gags were spot-on too.
Yes, he certainly had the O2 full of booming, echoing silence.

It turns out that Corden had spoken to Paul McKenna before the show:
After a one-to-one with McKenna on Tuesday afternoon, James was so confident he could have presented the whole show in the buff.[...]
"I've seen Paul before and he and I met for an hour. Afterwards I felt this zen-like calm and confidence."
Given that for the first half hour you looked like a goose caught at a fox barbecue, you might want to talk to McKenna about a refund.

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