Friday, June 24, 2011

Gordon in the morning: Mr Roarke! The plane, the plane!

Howard Donald has bought a seaplane, although he can't fly.

Yes, a seaplane. This might show that Donald has more money than sense, although you can't help feeling that might have been the case ever since his parents doubled his pocket money to 80p a week.

The Sun has a photo:

Just so you're clear, though:
Flight of fanciable ... how hunky Howard Donald may look in plane. We've added TT livery
Yes, it's another fabulous Sun mock-up.

Howard's plane story is filed by Colin Robertson, raising the intriguing possibility that Gordon might be down on Worthy Farm. Gordon has a suggestion about Glastonbury, too:
Glastonbury punters, and folk watching on the telly, can find out who's playing on what stage by downloading my Bizarre App, which features a special festival guide. The app is free for 30 days, then just £1.19 a month.
Righto - so, if you're at the festival, you might want to navigate round with an app designed to alert you to when Lindsay Lohan has filmed a commercial or Katy Perry has had a nipslip. If you're at home, you... er, would want to know who is on what stage when to... um, help with watching TV where the coverage is mostly recorded and not reliant on stages to navigate. £1.19 well spent.

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Dan said...

That mock-up is awesome. I just don't know how we would manage to use our imaginations without visual work of that quality to help! :D

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