Thursday, July 28, 2011

E! pokes its face into a baby

E! has published a long lens photo of Pink carrying her daughter.

Despite being obviously shot by a stalker-with-a-camera, E! write about it as if they'd been invited to tea:

Cuteness alert!

Punk rock queen Pink and her hubby, Carey Hart, have been keeping baby Willow Sage out of the spotlight, save for the one time they released their own family portrait to the press.

But the protective new mama was ready to drop the curtain as she and her 1-month-old daughter were spotted stepping out together in Malibu.

We're keeping our fingers crossed for more Pink family outings because her baby is just too adorable. All together now: Awww!
They were out doing family things. They were not putting themselves in the spotlight.

What makes E! even more scummy is that in the middle of this article, they actually link to their own article where Pink asks paparazzi to not invade her kid's childhood. They link to it. While ignoring it.

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