Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Gordon in the morning: Coping with resolution

So, however reluctantly, Gordon reports that Liam has withdrawn his writ against Noel.

Normally, the related stories box is the most-recent content relating to the subjects of the story, but somehow - oddly - the one about Liam being out drinking at 3am has vanished from the list. Although the story is still on The Sun website at the moment.

In other Bizarre stuff this morning, Gordon slaps an "exclusive" on the Amy Winehouse toxicology report, which is a bit hopeful. He does have a brief quote from Mitch, but nothing that hasn't already been said elsewhere.

Gordon is also incredibly excited about the godawful Q photoshoot where Kasabian play the part of plumbers in what appears to be a low budget porn shoot.

But it's not just Serge and Tom being "draped" in "babes". Oh, no, Kasabian have important views on the things that matter:
Tom used the interview to have a pop at kids' TV puppet Cookie Monster.

He said: "I don't mind Sesame Street but I hate him. Always moaning about f***ing cookies."
The ting is, Cookie Monster might be a bit obsessed about cookies, but at least he has something interesting to say about something. Kasabian don't even have the cookies.


Anonymous said...

I saw that photoshoot. That bloke Serge looks like Noel Fieldings smacked up grandad.

James said...

"The Kasabian boys did well to avert their eyes from the naked women draped over them for the new issue of Q Magazine."

Just saw the photos - It's less 'averting their eyes', more a look of grim determination whilst thinking "Don'tgetanerection Don'tgetanerection Don'tgetanerection... One seven is seven, two sevens are fourteen, three sevens are... Um... Oh god... Right, FA Cup scores from 1920... Erm... No... Homebase... Countryfile... South Mimms Services... OUR SECOND ALBUM. Phew."

Anonymous said...

ha ha James

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