Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Gordon in the morning: X Factor discounts as Roses return

Here's a surprise: after all the excitement Gordon Smart showed over the Stone Roses reunion, the big story was handed to Tim Nixon to cover.

Gordon was busy on Twitter, though, being slapped down by the mighty Tim Burgess for sloppy attention to detail:

not wishing to be over pedantic gordon but classic line up rather than original would be a better description
Gordon responded:
As always you are correct! But for the sake of Sun readers, that's the original line-up they will remember. I know about Pete G
Eh? The phrase "original line-up" now means "the earliest line-up Sun readers would remember"? And doesn't that paint Sun readers as a bit thick?

@Red_Devil1981 thought so:
slightly patronising Gordon! I think you'll find we know our music mate!
Smart responded by trying to deflect the attacks:
Apologies Matt didn't mean to come across badly. Damn 140 characters! Pls reply to the RT I'm about to fire up!
The RT he "fired up" was this one, from @HerekDales:
there is an advert booked in The Sun next Thurs to sell tickets for #Stoneroses tour. Won't reach many SR fans then
There's a difference between many readers loving the band and most of the band lovers reading the paper, Gordon.

Back on safer ground for Bizarre, the X Factor gets a kicking for having scaled back its ambition:

X FACTOR bosses have quietly dropped the claim that their winner will bag a "million-pound contract" after leaks revealed the act would need to shift FOUR albums to hit seven figures.
I don't think anyone has ever really believed in the "million pound" thing, but it's fascinating that even ITV have dropped the claims.
A show source said: "The bottom line is that unless you have hit album after hit album you will never get anywhere near the £1million from selling records. But it's still a hugely lucrative show."
Yes. For Syco and ITV.

[Thanks to Craig in the comments yesterday for suggesting taking a peek at Gordon's Twitter]

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