Monday, October 24, 2011

We are the 99% from 98º

Amongst those arrested during the Occupy Cincinnati protests over the weekend: Justin Jeffre, formerly one of 98 Degrees. The Cincinnati Enquirer caught up with him when he was released:

"I spent the night in jail, and it was not fun," said Jeffre of Clifton Heights. "But it was the place to be if you are standing up for free speech."

Going to jail could be a good career move for Jeffre. Spending time behind bars inspired many blues and country artists to write some of their best material.

Jeffre wasn't sure.

"I didn't feel like singing in there," he said.
That probably came as a relief to the other people he was locked up with, to be frank. And it might take more than one night in jail to turn one of 98 Degrees into a latterday Ted Hawkins.

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