Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Gordon in the morning: Ha ha, it's funny to call people gay

Gordon Smart has something of a scoop today, although he fails to recognise it. He was at the Q Awards yesterday:

CHRIS MARTIN has confessed Take That made him question his sexuality as a youngster.

The Coldplay star said his favourite bands growing up were "U2 and five handsome, strapping men from Stoke and Manchester".

With his tongue firmly in his cheek, he added: "I'm not afraid to admit it, they made me ask the question 'Am I gay?'"
It seems massively unlikely that Martin really did have U2 and Take That as his favourite bands growing up, and was just flattering people who happened to be in the room. It's also clear that he was trying to make something he might have thought was a joke.

But really, Chris? "I liked men making music - ha ha, it was like I was gay"? You can see the sort of audience that type of joke plays to, with Gordon slapping his leg and honking while stressing that it's okay - his tongue is in his cheek. He's not REALLY GAY.

It did get worse, though:
And drummer Larry Mullen JR didn't miss the open goal.

He had the crowd in stitches, joking: "Chris Martin, I have the answer for you — you are gay."
Yep. It's 2011, and Larry Mullen - one of the richest men in the world - thinks being gay is a punchline. And a room full of Gallaghers and Barlows honked their delight at such a witty retort.

Well done, Q. That's quite a party you threw there.


Peter D said...

I always try to be polite when I post a comment, but really Chris Martin is nothing but cunt, there is no other word for him. You have started my day badly Simon, I come into work, check my feeds, usual ones mainly football and country music and the spanner out of Coldplay being a dick at an event. If the next one is about Kasabian my day just got even worse.

simon h b said...

I am considering a "warning: contains Chris Martin" symbol to allow people to avoid just this sort of occasion.

Koshinokinsho said...

What would be the Chris Martin equivalent of a lemur (always handy for identifying the Noel Gallagher posts), I wonder. Red panda? Quokka?

Peter D said...

he definitely needs his own lemur like animal. How about a jacobs cat or a sun bear.

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