Thursday, November 03, 2011

Gordon in the morning: Invasions of privacy

Remember back in June when Pink asked, politely, for the press to not take intrusive long-lens photos of her baby? No, neither does Gordon and his munchkin Matt Hinton, who runs a total non-story and large picture of Willow Sage this morning.

Gordon also splashes big on the supposed Justin Bieber paternity story, despite it reading like fanfic rather than a genuine claim.

And, with Hugh Grant having been so vocal about Murdoch's papers running intrusive stories about people's private lives, what a surprise to see Gordon's team running an intrusive story about Hugh Grant's private life. Funnily enough, the paper finds time to mention that Grant was at the Labour Party Conference the day his child was born, but doesn't have the space to say exactly why he was there.

The writer, Emily Nash, doesn't even seem to understand what the point of her story is, trying to scrape together something out of the house that Hugh's child and her mother are living in is owned by Grant's cousin. It's unclear who has decided that this is enough to try and justify mentioning the child for a second day, but if the idea is to try and undermine Grant's claims that Murdoch grubs about in people's lives for no reason other than to cause upset, it's backfiring spectacularly.