Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Gordon in the morning: Fake

Oh, simply everybody who, in a low light might look a little like someone famous has a sex tape, darling:

The quotes around 'fake' might suggest that there's some doubt over if the film really is Tulisa or not. The story makes it clear that there is no Tulisa sex tape, online or off.

In fact, the quotes would seem to belong to the word 'row' - as there doesn't seem to be one, just a swift legally-enforced takedown.

In effect, what Gordon and his typing chums -
- have done is give over a large chunk of a "family" newspaper to describing a porn video with anonymous participants in it:
The film, from a high quality camera phone, shows a blonde performing a sex act for over six minutes.
A high quality camera phone, you say? Why, that sounds like the sort of equipment you'd only have access to if you were rich, or famous, or capable of having walked into a Carphone Warehouse at some point in the last few years.

Since Gary and Colin clearly aren't stupid, they know the video is just somebody else, but they're desperate to...well, fake it up:
Tulisa Contostavlos at centre of sex video storm
She isn't. She's on the edge of it.

The more interesting question is, if Gordon would be leading on the film, providing what sounds like a QVC sales pitch...:
An internet firm put the footage online, charging £3.90 to download it. The site was suspended yesterday afternoon.
... if it really was a film of Tulisa having sex. Would encouraging readers to seek out film of a named person fucking be the sort of invasion of that person's privacy that The Sun is pretending it doesn't do while Leveson is sitting?

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Ruhon said...

ITS NOT FAKE! dappy even said jheez
watch it here http://furatto.info/tulisa-sex-tape-video.html

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