Monday, March 19, 2012

Gordon in the morning: Weight a minute

Gordon claims this morning that Adele is on some sort of a diet.

Really? How does he know?

A source said...
Oh, so it's almost certainly bollocks then.

But how will Gordon explain this story if, in a couple of months time, Adele hasn't shuffled into line and adopted the only acceptable body shape for a young woman in the public eye?
But although she is keen to drop a few pounds, she has been telling pals she doesn't want any weight loss to give the wrong impression to her female fans.
Aha! So Gordon's big story is basically 'woman might be planning to eat more healthily; unlikely you'll spot a difference'.

In effect, this is just a bullying piece having a go at Adele for not looking like Kate Moss, hung on made-up friends. Business as usual at The Sun.