Thursday, April 12, 2012

Gordon in the morning: Two directions

Given how Cowell attempted to bully a charity - a charity - into handing their name over, it's probably not surprising that it turns out there's another One Direction.

And the other One Direction aren't happy:

Manager Dan O’Leary told The Sun: “I don’t care how powerful Simon Cowell is. He’s mad if he thinks we’re going to lie down, sit down or back down over this — whatever power and money he has behind him. We’re not going to be pushed around by some music mogul.

“The British One Direction have Mr Cowell’s enormous resources behind them. We on the other hand do not. In our view, we were here first. We have rights, we have talent, and we have heart.”

O’Leary, who is the dad of his group’s lead singer Sean, added: “My boy’s dreams and the dreams of the band are just as important as the dreams of Cowell’s group.”
The Sun's Aaron Tinney reports that the US One Direction have been going since 2009, have filed trademark papers before Cowell, and that Cowell appears to have been aware of their existence.

You'd think that this would make it a pretty clear win for the original, US One Direction. Only Tinney seems to imply that it is they who should roll over. Why? Because they're ickle:
[The US One Direction's] sales are tiny in comparison to their UK namesakes
The UK One Direction have stormed America this year, sparking frenzied fan stampedes not seen since the Beatlemania days.

But the US group that shares their name have had only pitiful sales on iTunes and play charity gigs and bars in the States.
It's The Sun. Of course they're going to side with the big, money-making business over the small guy. That's what they do.

More misery from Cowell world, as Colin Robertson reports how Britain's Got Talent contestant Analiza Ching is in pieces:
BRITAIN’S Got Talent sensation Analiza Ching was in tears last night after naked pictures of her spread like wildfire in her native China — and brought shame on her family.

The violinist told how her dad now faces losing his job as a music teacher after angry parents spotted the snaps and pulled their kids out of class.
Nasty. And where might they have seen the pictures?

Er... all over the Sun website on Monday:
STUNNING violinist Analiza Ching shows she’s as fit as a fiddle — as she poses naked with her instrument.

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