Thursday, April 12, 2012

James Corden appeals for calm over Adele truncation

Although nearly everyone in the world has forgotten the bit at the Brits when James Corden punched Adele, threw her awards to the ground and yelled "it's ALLLLLL-BAAAAAAARRRRRRN", Corden hasn't.

He wants us to remember, so that we can heal and forget:

"She's fine, I've never known such a non thing to become a thing, ever."
It's such a non-thing he had to mention it while presenting Sport Relief, and now is at it again. But it's a non-thing.
"I've done a lot of press [in the US] in the last few weeks and no-one's mentioned it. I think they realised that someone didn't get to say 'Thank you' long enough and maybe thought it wasn't huge news."
It's possible that all that press you've been doing in the US might have been with people not considering it to be a non-story, but people who are unaware of the Brits Awards, and unaware that this James Corbind they're talking to might have been something to do with it. It's a bit like Cameron trotting home thinking the Burmese press not asking about Peter Cruddas means the scandal has passed.


Anonymous said...

The gods just force their way. It doesn't matter what is best for the individiual in question. Even if he is The Chosen One. "We have always used misery to motivate and we always will."
They ruined my whole life. From cradle to grave. This method wasn't going to work with me. And if they sit there and laugh smuggly, saying "we'll see."
That's the price of my whole life being abused. Abused for exploitation.
I had to come around, decide I had it pretty good and my life HAD been salvaged.
I didn't come from the Mediterreanean and you shouldn't treat me like I have.

None of this is my business. I don't want to hear about these people.
You selected them. You worked them up. You strung them along.
You did just fine for 30 years. Keep up the good work.
Not your bitch. I ain't your fucking slave. These poeple are your responsibility. "It's for your benefit too." So this endless telepathic torment is to help me like I was Mediterreanean trash. Then when it stops my opportunity has run out. "We tried." Did I say it:::A fucking lousy reach-around. But I guess since they lie and don't admit ruining my childhood, sculpting my life for exploitation on this very public stage. Then all my enemies will benefit, first doing far better than they would have in my absence, secondly learning the meaning of life when they otherwise never would have.

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