Friday, May 31, 2013

Gordon in the morning: Grimshaw's not having it

Apparently there's something controversial about Nick Grimshaw flicking through his show's playlist and deciding who should and shouldn't play Glastonbury:

The Radio 1 DJ said: “I don’t think One Direction should play Glastonbury.
"I think if they’re pop stars but incredible artists then they should play there. I don’t think One Direction’s music is historically the kind of stuff that’s supported at Glastonbury."
Okay, it's an interesting concept - Glastonbury can only ever play the type of music it has played in the past, which would imply Marc Bolan should be the only act allowed to headline.

But it's hardly an astonishing claim, is it? Frankly, if Grimshaw had been calling for One Direction to be added to the Pyramid stage, that would have been noteworthy.