Thursday, May 30, 2013

Gordon in the morning: Not making it up

Victoria Beckham doesn't want to lead by example, Gordon has read somewhere:

VICTORIA Beckham has revealed she does not put on lipstick in front of daughter Harper — in case she copies her.

The ex-Posh Spice, 39, said her glam ban is one of her rules for bringing up her family correctly.

Victoria said: “I can’t put on make-up when Harper’s around, because she would join me immediately. She is a tomboy towards her brothers.”
I know what you're thinking - what the hell is "a tomboy towards her brothers" mean?

But let's focus here. Victoria doesn't put make-up on when Harper is around. Which is actually really good parenting, not forcing a child to accept that women should be wearing make-up.

Except... doesn't the way that Beckham's photo is often and repeatedly shown everywhere kind of make this a little odd?

It's not just that Harper will see photos of her mum with slap on everywhere, but because she never sees Victoria put it on, she's going to become convinced that its something that happens whenever Posh leaves the house. Isn't that going to be a bit discombobulating?

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