Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Justin Bieber cruelly raises our hopes

Justin Bieber is teasing us:

No amount of holiday gifts could compensate for the fact that Justin Bieber told L.A. radio station Power 106 Tuesday that he’s calling it quits after his new album, “Journals,” is released on Dec. 23.

“Um, I’m actually, I’m retiring man, I’m retiring,” Bieber said with a straight face behind black shades.

He added that he’s “just going to take some time. I think I’m probably going to quit music.”
That's already backtracking right there, from retiring to taking some time, and 'probably ' quitting.

It's not entirely clear what job Bieber has had in music from which he's retiring; experts suggested he might be referring to the work he's done in the entertainment industry posing for CD sleeve photographs.

Iain Duncan Smith issued a statement: "While I'm keen for most people to work and work until their pathetic bodies crumble to dust, I'm happy to make an exception in Bieber's case, and wish him well in his new life of watching Homes Under The Hammer and nipping down the Co-Op to fight for a reduced to clear chicken pie."

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