Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Two reasons to love Lorde

I think the most interesting thing about this report from kpopstarz is the way it's written to make it sound like Lorde's being in some way unreasonable:

Royals Singer Lorde maybe the first ever New Zealander to reach the top spot in the US Billboards, however her fame certainly does not get in her head, as the teen pop sensation reportedly does not want to be called a "teen hottie" nor her fans to be named as "disciples."
The 17-year old singer believes that "pun centric" nicknames for fans are undignified, think about Katy Perry's KatyCats or Lady Gaga's Little Monsters.
Or the way fans of The Wanted are called Wanters. I think it was "wanters" that people were shouting at them.
From her interview with New York Times via Skype, Lord made it clear that she is not a "teen hottie," saying: "The phrase 'teen hottie' literally makes me want to throw up."
It's not surprising it makes her want to hurl, given the phrase gives off decaying Humbert Humbert fumes.

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