Monday, May 26, 2014

Peter Andre sets up a table in a shopping centre

Poor Peter Andre. Once he bestrode the world like a giant. Now, he doesn't even quite run to an in-store appearance. Instead, he's reduced to setting up a trestle table in the middle of a shopping street:

intu Milton Keynes has confirmed that celebrity, Peter Andre will be signing copies of his new album, ‘Big Night’ in the Shopping Centre on Tuesday.

He will be located between Hollister and Barclays from 2pm until 4pm.
They say "Intu Miltom Keynes"; they mean the Midsummer Arcade. Nobody is ever going to call it Intu.

This is odd as well:
Shoppers must pre purchase a copy of his album before having it signed, a proof of purchase will be required.
Eh? Given he's not in a record shop, why a proof of purchase? Are they afraid Andre is going to lead to a spate of shoplifting from HMV if they don't demand to see a receipt?


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