Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 Forever: December

VH1 tried to sneak Sorority Sisters onto air without advertisers noticing. They noticed.

Vinyl is coming back: Geri Halliwell says so. Meanwhile, Snapchat wants to be a label.

Noel Gallagher invited the press into his mansion to talk about class and Morrissey refused to go head-to-head with Queen.

Madonna continued to insist having some crappy songs leak is like terrorism and/or rape. God knows what that makes something genuinely horrific, like Ashanti being cross-examined by her own stalker.

Parklife got hit with a fine for sending texts pretending to be dead people while SXSW got a lawsuit because of someone else driving drunk.

Why wasn't Paul McCartney invited onto Band Aid 30? Apparently not known enough in America.

Kasabian want to play Wembley.

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