Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2014 Forever: November

Having dumped her surname last year, this year Cheryl's upset that people don't use her surname.

A pauper can still sue Beyonce in America, and a member of 98 Degrees can still dream of becoming mayor.

One of En Vogue was enraged that she was left out of a fictional reunion.

Phil Rudd was charged with trying to arrange a murder and Malawi resumed fawning over Madonna.

Taylor Swift pulled her music from Spotify and Usher pushed his into boxes of cereal. Billy Bragg had to climb down when he accused Swift of being in Google's pocket.

Katie Melua had a spider living in her ear and Bono's plane lost its door. Both survived.

Miley Cyrus put make-up on a pig.

There were Nazis in Nicki Minaj's video but they MADE YOU THINK, right? And there's no way Band Aid 30 was just a nostalgia project because it had YouTubers, right?

Collaborating: Bo Ningen and Savages
Returning: Shanice; S Club 7; The Popguns; Ride
Dropped: Dapper Laughs

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