Monday, December 29, 2014

2014 Forever: October

There was a bloke who didn't know who Jay-Z was. MTV freaked out. Rihanna's gun bag made some people freak out; gun fans were delighted

The music industry didn't seem to understand what a force of nature Taylor Swift is.

Finally, it stopped being a crime to rip a CD to your own devices, although a Tory MP wants copyright ethics to be taught in schools and in America, pre-72 tracks suddenly had their status changed.

Bono tried a aw, shucks apology. Chris Brown tried to explain ebola. Neither succeeded.

Little Mix won the most important prize of the year.

In some sort of pay-it-forward move, 5 Seconds Of Summer are a subsidiary of One Direction. And Lollopalooza became part of LiveNation.

Something about Lorde and sports which seemed to mostly be about sports.

Cancerous tissue was the latest reason for canceled Mozzer dates. Talking of people who used to be famous who stress how they're not racist, Mike Read did a song for UKIP in a comedy accent.

The lawyer who tried to save Anita Baker $15,000 is now suing her for $150,000.

Splitting: Crystal Castles; Beady Eye
Returning: Sleater-Kinney

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