Sunday, April 16, 2006


The ten top individual stories on No Rock this week:

1. Martin Gilks, RIP
2. The ever-popular is KT Tunstall a lesbian
3. The NOTW only printed this picture of Pete Doherty injecting to help Kate
4. Shayne Ward buys a million pound pad (before he realised he was broke)
5. Karen O fears Kelly Clarkson
6. Chris Martin names kid after own song
7. Classic Rock chooses 100 best albums
8. Madonna is a judo widow
9. Lindsay Lohan is too confusing for mere journalists
10. Britney Spears: naked, arse in the air - photos and story

Yes, that bloody Avril-Britney beef has finally slipped out the top ten, just before its second anniversary.

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And, we suggested these as a way of killing time until Silvio finally steps down:

Every-bit-as-good return from The Dresden Dolls

In which Lambchop observe "two kittens don't make a puppy"

Bitter tea with the Fiery Furnaces

German goth fun with De/Vision

Arctic Monkeys "short film" tries to evade air of "cahing in while we can"

Prefects live in Birmingham back in 1978

Spend Easter on Skaro