Sunday, October 01, 2006

This week just gone

Seven days in the life on No Rock:

The most-read individual pages were:

1. Heather Mills' naked calendar pictures
2. Is KT Tunstall gay or what?
3. McFly waving their cocks about
4. Heather Mills porno book past reappears
5. Heather Mills gets dragged into PurpleMelon PR campaign
6. Aaron Carter announces engagement... (a little too soon)
7. Jake Shears would shag Wayne Rooney, given either the chance or a blind eye
8. Heather Mills old porn pics again
9. Pete Doherty will marry Kate Moss, reckons people
10. MTV want your content, and your trust

You can read everything from this week on one page or
skim the previous week in one post

and, we suggested these things to buy, rather than that Gordon Brown was telling a lie:

Yeah, well, we all had more hair back then: Placebo debut hits 10

Yeah, well, we all had more hair back then: Evan and the Lemonheads return

Not quite a Lloyd Cole return to form, but he's past the midlife crisis stage

Inspired and reviving return from BabyBird

Nicky Wire steps out from Manics safety-zone, but not too far

So now we know: Daleks beat Cybermen

Film version of The Likely Lads: "Working class sentiment is the indulgence of working peopled created through football and rock-and-roll for people like you who moved out to the Elm Lodge housing estate at the earliest opportunity"

She-Ra now works the Northern club circuit with Skeletor's nephew Bonehead, you know

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