Sunday, January 21, 2007

This week just gone

The week on No Rock and Roll Fun:

The ten most-read individual stories have been:

1. Kylie walks off halfway through Manchester gig
2. KT Tunstall's "lesbianism" continues to beguile
3. Celeb Big Brother: Jo suggests Indians thin due to poor cooking
4. Lily Allen's undersea clothes swap
5. CBB: Jo's fans insist she's not racist when she thinks about it
6. McFly onstage naked
7. Heather Mills constant nudity
8. CBB: Jo, Jade and the woman from Zoo blow their careers
9. Beth Ditto is better than Scissor Sister fans
10. Brits shortlist in full: the horror, the horror

Also this week: Doherty died unexpectedly; Coldplay closed the circle and brought back Travis; and Kevin Federline offered to drop his pants for food.

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Five years ago:
The BBC were gearing up to launch Five Live Sports Extra, but we worried with an urban station and archive network on the cards for digital music channels, where would guitarry music go? Luckily, Station Y turned into 6Music. Meanwhile, Aaliyah gave way to George Harrison at the top of the charts, the first time one corpse had made way for another.

Back to this week, and we suggested you try and buy these:

2006 festival compilation - Pipettes, Camera Obscura, Narcotic Syntax

A birthday-timed resurrection of the Bowie Pye era singles

Neko Case, live in Austin, from 2003

Thomas Newman's Little Children soundtrack - how can you not want a track called It's Wrong And It's Weird?

It had to happen sooner or later: a (vaguely) indie Valentine's Day album

Pretty much the same compilation as usual from Rick James' attempt to be the funk Phil Spector, the Mary Jane Girls

UK release for 80 year old child voiced Jess Klein's City Garden

Oddly, this compilation of Belgian avant-garde from the post WWI period misses the Christmas market

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Peter said...

dear god an indie love collection, millions of belt wearing oasis fans will be rushing out for that one.

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