Sunday, January 14, 2007

This week just gone

The week on No Rock and Roll Fun.

The ten most-read individual news stories:

1. Is K T Tunstall gay?
2. Did Donny Tourette put Leo off his table tennis game by shagging his wife?
3. Heather Mills McCartney naked - apparently - for a calendar that doesn't exist
4. Poundtretcher Busted McFly remove their clothes
5. Reviews, best-ofs and top charts of the year
6. Lily Allen removing clothes
7. Heather Mills: nude, not rude
8. EMI drop Levy as sales tank
9. The Sun screws up Whitney auction report
10. Victoria Newton reports Sharon Osbourne shit-sending story as news... a month after it last appeared in her paper

Also this week, Glastonbury announced security plans for 2007 - you have to pre-register your face before you find out if you can get a ticket - oh, and prices are up 20%; Kylie quit her Manchester gig less than halfway in; and Tony Wilson lost a kidney.

You can read the whole week on one page
or skim the previous week in one post

And, in a quiet week for new stuff, we looked back twenty years to some of the cream of 1987. Yes, twenty bloody years:

Spacemen 3's Perfect Prescription - clearly, Jason Spaceman needed something stronger

And suddenly, with a "come on pilgrim", there were Pixies everywhere

If only Flav wasn't part of it, we'd be looking to Public Enemy for a response to the current celeb culture

These days, of course, Suicidal Tendencies are just what the army is looking for

Sadly, this did prove to be Natalie Merchant's highest point

Husker Du almost crack a smile a couple of times

Between removing the baggy jumpers for Playboy and the in-Mall appearances, Tiffany's flawed, of-its-time debut

Great album, but Strangeways did have a feel that The Smiths were ending just ahead of their natural end

Lydia Lunch and Foetus Jim Thirwell get together with the sort of results your mother warned you about

It was a Greatest Hits album. But Tony would never let New Order be quite so obvious.

The Go-Betweens' Tallulah is often portrayed as "the duff one" - but how can you argue with Right Here?

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