Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I think that's a given, Louis

Louis Walsh has insisted that he'll never work with Simon 'I was talking about something else' Cowell again:

“I’ll never work with him again.”

See? Told you.

Walsh has refused to manage the winner of this year's X Factor - which is probably wise, seeing how the other winners have disappeared faster than an all you can eat buffet at a WeightWatchers party - and will instead concentrate on Joseph:
“I will not be managing X Factor’s winning act, I will manage the winning Joseph instead.

“I’ll be working with Andrew Lloyd Webber — a true music legend — Universal, the best record label and BBC1, the best channel.”

Louis, what are you, five years old? "Andrew Lloyd Webber has the best car, it's got red paint and the best radio and the best sweets and the BBC has the best canteen with the best drinks..."

And "managing Joseph", eh? That's going to be a tricky one, seeing as how the prize in the competition is an open-ended contract to be in a West End Musical. Not exactly going to call for very much in the way of managerial skills that one, is it?


James said...
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James said...

What has happened to all the X Factor winners? I thought Leona was going to conquer the world, not put out one Westlife B-side then bugger off. Oh wait, she was going to be 'big in America', wasn't she? So the UK's X Factor is now little more than a training course for a career overseas. Isn't that like convincing your boss to pay for you to go on an MCSE, then resigning for a better job as soon as you've got your qualification?

I love the Joseph show though, it's way better than that Grease nonsense on ITV (which seems to consist of 50% clips of bog-standard comedy idiots and 50% clips of bloody Grease). Plus their catchphrase "You could be Joseph" makes a brilliant euphemism.

"You know Justin from Human Resources? The chap with the nice hair, always very well-dressed, neatly-clipped nails, good listener, always on the phone to his mother, organised last year's office trip to 'Chicago'? Well, I'm not one for gossip, but... He could be Joseph"

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

I'm now picturing John Barrowman and Graham Norton backstage yelling "I'm more a Joseph than you..."

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