Friday, May 04, 2007

Britney does an Eve

Clearly, Britney didn't really pay very much attention during RS: her latest bemusing photoshoot has cast her as a half naked Eve in some sort of Garden of Eden, covering her topless breasts with flowers. Which looks like a set-up for a "beesting tits" gag if we ever saw one.

Meanwhile, her comeback has run into the sand - the second night show consisted of her lip-synching as well as she could manage through a mouthful of gum (see, if she'd paid proper attention at school she'd have known gum in the bin before we start work is a kind of global rule) and people are reported as demanding their money back. Although since the high ticket price is for the rarity of a Spears gig, complaining about the quality thereof seems to miss the point. It's like early Jesus and Mary Chain gig-goers complaining "there was two minutes of noise and then there was a riot..."