Thursday, May 31, 2007

Marilyn Manson on affairs of the heart

Marilyn Manson has got advice for you, and, unless we're very much mistaken, it's a familiar one:

"Stay away from crazy bitches. Crazy women can be dangerous. If you get involved with the wrong person you can be in trouble."

Isn't this, effectively, the message of Cliff Richard's 'beware the Devil Woman'?

Of course, what Manson actually means when he says 'crazy bitches' is 'smart women' - his videos have long been notable for taking a very similar attitude to women that you find in a standard R&B video (take off your clothes and decorate the shot), so it's not surprising that this thinly-veiled attack on Dita Von Teese has a misogynistic tang to it - women who know their own minds are crazy, women who don't do as I wish are bitches. He'll be running for Senate on a Republican ticket by the end of the decade.

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aoifemc said...

Nicely put. Dita is a real dignified lady. I can't imagine her making a thinly veil cat claw about manson. He's just shown himself up hasn't he?
Lots of love from dublin
Aoife Mc

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