Thursday, July 19, 2007

At last! Lily Allen discovers something unique

Lily Allen has never seemed to have anything much which set her apart. Until now. She's become the toast of YouTube by flashing her third nipple on last week's 8 Out Of Ten Cats. [EDIT: Oh, it turns out there are two programmes on Friday night on Channel 4 besides Big Brother, and this was on the other one, The Friday Night Project. The original joke would still work if you replace Jimmy with Alan.]

Presumably she felt it was safe to share the third nipple on the programme because, on a show with Jimmy Carr hosting, you're never going to have the oddest physical features in the studio.


Codepope said...

Er, Friday Night Project actually, not 8 out of 10 cats.

Anonymous said...

And Justin Lee Collins & Alan Carr.
Not Jimmy Carr.

Do you watch TV, or have you been at the pub with Amy Winehouse again?

simon h b said...

Good lord, you're right. My apologises that Channel 4's Friday night entertainment programmes have become virtually indistinguishable.

And, yes, I do watch TV, but nothing with either Alan Carr or Jimmy Carr in it. You know, you have to have some sort of standards.

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