Saturday, July 07, 2007

T gets boggier still

The weather continues to bring misery to T in the Park: at the end of the evening yesterday organisers had to close the car park and are trying to encourage people turning up to today to take the bus:

A spokesman for the festival said: "There have been major traffic queues due to the wet weather conditions which has made parking on site extremely difficult.

"As a result this has slowed down traffic into the event and caused tailbacks.

"While we are working as hard as we can to resolve this we would encourage fans coming to the event on Saturday to take a shuttle bus instead of driving to alleviate traffic."

The BBC coverage this year hasn't been quite as luxurious as in recent years - it's not clear if this is down to Mark Thompson's belt-tightening regime, or the strain of also covering Live Earth at the same time. But last night's BBC Three programme didn't offer press red choicey-choicey magic, which left us with little option but to watch the Arctic Monkeys - who, frankly, looked like a band who'd given their all at Glastonbury the other week and were treating this as a wind down - and Lily Allen. Allen does, undeniably, is great on these sorts of occasions - all smiley and welcoming and personable. It's just a pity that she's not very good at singing live. Even her best stuff - Littlest Things, which could be good enough to be a Kate Nash b-side - calls for a beyond her limited range.

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