Friday, August 10, 2007

Damon slams Pet Shop door

Who knows the real reason why Daon Albarn has blocked the Pet Shop Boys from using their Girls And Boys on the new remix album. The Sun has a source which says it knows:

A source said: “Damon complained that they had made the song sound like their own.

“He was also annoyed when he heard NEIL TENNANT supported OASIS in their Nineties chart battle with Blur. Neil said Damon was pretentious.

“He’s just proved him right.”

I'm sure Neil Tennant would be the first to point out that, erm, there's not actually anything pretentious in refusing to allow a track to appear on a compilation album. Like The Sun, we don't really have a clue why he's said no, either, but we'd guess it's more likely to be because Albarn doesn't really like the track, has come to see it as a bit of an albatross round his neck, and would rather concentrate on animated monkey operas or whatever it is he's doing now.


Andrew said...

Animated monkey operas? You'd be referring to his recent attempt to position himself as a sort of Momus for ITV viewers, right?

hendrik said...

Well, Neil has already rubbished the story on the official PSB site...

"Sorry, Victoria, not true. We had a drink with Damon just a few weeks ago after seeing his "Monkey" opera in Manchester...(And we didn't request permission to put "Girls and Boys" on Disco 4.)"

Anonymous said...

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