Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Gordon in the morning: Babies and blubbing

There's no third part of the Newton-Beckham tete-a-tete this morning, allowing Gordon to reclaim his kingdom and dispel any sense - any sense whatsoever - that his role is to roll over whenever the old inhabitant of the Bizarre pages feels like cluttering up the space with a fab chat with her fab showbiz pals, regardless of any quality to the resulting piece.

So this morning Gordon is keen to prove that he's the alpha male, and how better than a big splash claiming that Jamie Hince is going to father a child with Kate Moss as a way of reuniting with her? Quite a scoop - and one in the eye for the idiot on Monday who was reporting that their split was final. Who was that idiot again? Gordon something, wasn't it?

Gordon also reminds us of one of his other great moments - the weeks and weeks he spent trying to force a divorce onto Ashley and Cheryl Cole, running a big chunk where Cheryl talks about why she gave Ashley another chance. If you think it's odd that Cheryl gave such an open interview to a man who made her pain public and then kept it there, there is an explanation: Gordon's copied the whole thing out of OK! magazine.

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