Monday, February 23, 2009

This bike is still not a pipe bomb

Two years after the first airport shutdown because of a bicycle with a This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb sticker on it, it's happened again:

"I was at work and just kind of freaked out," TBIAPB lead singer/guitarist Ryan Modee told the Pensacola News Journal on Thursday of his reaction to hearing about the incident. "I was like, 'Oh, God, not again. How could this be happening?'"

Modee is urging fans to remove stickers from items at airports and other high security areas to avoid such problems, and says the band will replace them afterward.

Perhaps there should be a warning sign - say, two miles from the airport boundary: "remove your This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb stickers now."

Of course, given that Memphis Airport was shut down by the sticker, you wonder if terrorists might not be more effective at disrupting infrastructure by forming punk bands called things like "Watch Out - This Innocent Looking Laptop Case Is Actually A Dirty Bomb" or "Yes, If I Was Attempting A Terrorist Outrage I Would Wear A Badge Saying Death To The West Like This One I Am Wearing Now" and wait for word of mouth to do the rest.

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