Monday, May 16, 2011

Tyler The Creator responds to Tegan And Sara

After Sara from Tegan And Sara sighed, and wrote a considered criticism of the soft ride Tyler The Creator has been getting, Tyler has responded.

Obviously, because he used Twitter as his channel to reply, there might be some nuance lost in his self-defence, but let's see what he has to say:

If Tegan And Sara Need Some Hard Dick, Hit Me Up!
Well done, Tyler. That would be exactly it. Clearly, Tegan and Sara don't actually have a problem with a critical community incapable of standing up to the popular kid when he tries to drag us all back to the 1970s. No, the problem is simply that they need a good seeing to by a proper man.

Can we stop pretending that he's a genius of some sort, now, please?


Anonymous said...

perhaps, if we can stop pretending that his homophobia bears any resemblance whatsoever to the social/political sloganeering found in dancehall, or indeed is anything more than simply a kid trying to be shocking as possible in every way he knows how because he cant think of anything else to write about. trying to label him as some sort of strongly principled "back to the 1970s" bigot is not going to get anyone anywhere because he can easily shake it off.

oh and if there was ever anything that shouldn't have been dignified with a response, it was that tweet. ive got a feeling that let him achieve a small victory. should just have gone straight from the tweet to the "can we stop..."

simon h b said...

I don't think he's a strongly principled bigot. I don't think he's even really thought through his position.

What matters is how people react to him - he might be like a six year-old saying "willies", but he's a six year-old saying "willies" with a large crowd of people who should know better standing at the side and applauding his "edgy" act.

I do think that people tolerating Tyler's "jokes", though, does feel a lot like the 1970s - all limp wrists and "I'm free's" and "it's only a bit of fun". I guess we could all ignore him and hope he goes away. That might work.

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