Wednesday, June 08, 2011

The Rag Trade: Weller does some designs

Oh, god: just when you thought celebrity fashion lines couldn't be more tragic, Paul Weller starts to design. For Liam Gallagher.

Oh, Paul. Why?

"I've wanted to design my own range for some time and Pretty Green felt like a good home for my clothes."
You're Paul Weller. He's the one out of Oasis who needs help opening jars. It's named after one of your songs. Aside from if you were taking instructions from the seven year-old Chinese kid who is doing the stitching*.
My main design reference is somewhere between 1968 and 1970.
I've checked the calendar, and that would seem to be 1969.
The clothes themselves sit between being smart and casual with quality materials and tailoring.
They sit between being smart and casual - so they're neither smart, nor casual, in other words.

The funny thing is, Weller sounds less like a man who has just fulfilled a long-held ambition to design his own fashion range, and more like a bloke who's trying to impress his girlfriend by describing a suit he once saw in a shop.

* - There's no reason to assume that Chinese children actually make the clothes, but despite having a very intricate legal page there doesn't seem to be anything about ethical sourcing or manufacture anywhere on the Pretty Green site.

This bit is interesting, though:
Please note that any returns requesting a refund on an order that contains a free poster will not be refunded unless the poster is included with the returned item(s).
Surely people weren't just ordering trousers in order to get a free poster, and then returning the trousers for money back?