Saturday, June 18, 2005

LIVE 8: FROM DENIALS TO (we'll insert an destination when it's reached) - IN FULL

As we've started to develop quite a lot of Live 8 material over the last few weeks, here's a handy guide to all the content. This page will be updated over the coming weeks with links to further stories as they develop.

Sunday 8th May
Bob makes it clear: No interest in repeating something from 20 years ago; there will be no Live Aid II

Wednesday 11th May
Although it's not going to happen, there might be some bands lined up

Tuesday 17th May
BBC Unions threaten to black out a gig that organisers deny is even happening

Thursday 26th May
Don't call Live Aid II Live Aid II, says Bob

Monday 30th May
It's really good news for Philadelphia's 4th July weekend

Tuesday 31st May
Craig David comes to the rescue of all Africa; Dido to help

Wednesday 1st June
Morning Star: a cautious thumbs-up
Where is the money going?

Thursday 2nd June
Daily Mail manage to cover Live 8 without a mention of Africa
Madonna and Sting to sing Lennon
Ure: It's nothing more than an entertainment
Clare Short: "Vaccuous; demeaning; insulting"

Friday 3rd June
Mirror launch campaign for Status Quo
Drop everything - here come The Stereophonics
Brown writes off VAT; suggests Spice Girls for bill
Queen (without Freddie) confirm - it'll be like Buckingham Palace gig all over again

Sunday 5th June
The big surprise: a £1.6m pay-off to Prince Charles' charity

Monday 6th June
Ticket lottery starts
Take to your boats, suggests Bob

Tuesday 7th June
Live 8: Raising money for the phone companies
Radiohead keep their distance

Wednesday 8th June
Spice Girls just not popular enough
Bob's invited the Pope

Thursday 9th June
Bob manages expectations downwards

Friday 10th June
Albarn: Tax the sales bounce

Sunday 12th June
Bob puts in emergency call to Peter Gabriel: Do you know any Africans?
Surely nobody is going to be excited by Pink Floyd in 2005?

Monday 13th June
Everyone's excited by... Pink Floyd?
Midge Aid ticket lottery gets underway
Status Quo want to play so they can remember this one
Kelly Jones will save Africa

Tuesday 14th June
Independent excited by Pink Floyd reunion
Ebay sellers offer mini-lottery
Ebay offers to hand over any profits made from touts
Ebay decides to pull the auctions altogether
David Steel isn't impressed

Wednesday 15th June
Someone still believes that Jacko's a possible for the US show
Goldsmith seizes Live 8 to launch attack on touts
This time last year, Bob thought organising a gig would distract from the important business of sorting out debt relief
Ebay say "don't make false bids"
Ebay say "please don't sell tickets"

Thursday 16th June
Coca-Cola - people we can do business with
50 Cent makes his excuses and quits
Ebay sellers find ways to work round ban
Bono has lots of famous and important friends

Friday 17th June
Union supports Make Poverty History campaign by targetting Live 8 attendees
Sixty-five acts beg for a place; told "no"
Now the text scammers take their cut

Saturday 18th June
Black artists on the Live Aid bill? Political correctness gone mad...
Noel Gallagher - half a thought

Monday 20th June
2.5% the audience reluctant to come forward

Tuesday 21st June
Bob says band he didn't want now refusing to reform for him

Wednesday 22nd June
Rome concert starts to collapse
Bob really wants the Pope there
Only 16 per cent believe there's any point
Sponsorship and corporate hospitality - Live 8 for sale

Saturday 25th June
Geldof to see if he can walk on waterlogged Glasto
Glastonbury holds hands against poverty; Africa refuses to stop starving

Monday 27th June
Liam regrets not being able to use world hunger to advance Robbie feud
'I'm so poor I could only afford one new Lexus' sobs Joss Stone
Sting can't be arsed to come up with something new; revisits 25 year old joke

Tuesday 28th June
Carey: Dieting for the starving

Wednesday 29th June
Crow flies from Paris date

Thursday 30th June
Newspapers - never mind the complicated bits, it's time for Carey to honk
This could have been yours: Martin to drag Ashcroft onto stage
Westminster denies they put cap on disabled tickets

Friday 1st July
Newspapers - No booze, unless you're corporate
Play for free; get three thousand pound watch
Running order - spot the Lennox

Saturday 2nd July
Newspapers: Everyone's excited; America's not bothered
1.55 "The G8 is the world's sofa"
2.10 No costumes? Send in the Quo
2.30 Apple plugs her ears for Coldplay
2.55 Andrew Marr is the king of Live 8
5.25 Bill Gates: Make poverty history - then we can really go after softaware pirates in Uganda
6.30 Snoop - a fine young man indeed
6.45 Tokyo half empty
7.15 The price of being saved is having Madonna grab your hand
8.00 Blog round-up: CSN say sorry; U2's Pepper for download; Africa not totally convinced - and what's with all the language?
8.15 Joss Stone, you'll catch your death in that
8.45 Scissor Sisters - a new song? Are you crazy?
9.00 The voice of the people
9.10 Velvet Revolver - what were they thinking?
9.30 Sting knows how to please a crowd; Trude doesn't know how to choose a hat
9.50 Mariah Carey calls in for an upskirt screengrabber's wet dream
10.20 Must you entertain us? Robbie Williams
10.30 Someone go and get Peter Kay off. Not you, Townshend
11.00 It comes to this: Bryan Ferry used as warm-up for Pink Floyd
11.45 The Long and Winding Helter Skelter

Sunday 3rd July
Midnight It all ends in a bit of a drunken karaoke, then
Adding up the numbers
Ian McCulloch - full of doubts
Torrents to take and enjoy
Don't mention the Bush?
Bob and Midge fall out again; Pete gets booed
Not much anger at the 1250 quid ticket

Monday 4th July
Newspapers: Madonna wins 'spot the African' contest; America asks "Live whatsthatagain?"
Razorlight adverts on Sunday; coincidence or cynidence?
Doherty spoils day thinking about starving Africans
Sales bounce
BPI try to hijack Live8 for anti-Ebay campaign

Tuesday 5th July
Newspapers: Express discovers 8 and Hate sound alike
TV figures - where were the millions?
Attention turns to Edinburgh
Gilmour rejects Live 8 bonus; everyone else curiously silent
Grazia publishes photos of Glasto; pretends its Hyde Park
Doherty: I wasn't smacked, just upset

Wednesday 6th July
Mirror suggests stars cough up; quiet on its own profits
AOL offers full footage. Except for, you know, the African bits
Doherty: I wasn't smacked, or upset, but groped by a child
Bob's for hire
All eyes turn to Scotland - Bedingfields, it's up to you
Mariah wastes food at gig for the starving
Long train journey to justice
Edinburgh kicks off
McFly in Murrayfield
Annie Lennox lets rip
Bob Geldof licked my lens

Thursday 7th July
Razorlight grudgingly offer cashback
Bob Nobel nomination

Friday 8th July
MTV runs it again to say sorry
EMI smacks lips, awaits DVD profits
Bono and Geldof praise G8 leaders, outcome as aid agencies fume at wasted opportunity

Saturday 10th July
What the pop papers say - Private Eye and NME on 8

Monday 11th July
Peaches denies touching Pete's ass

Friday 15th July
Parents Television Council: never mind the starving children, what about our kid's soft minds?

Thursday 4th August
Elton John far from impressed
Geldof ups rates to £50,000

Sunday 7th August
David Gray attacks Soundbite politics in soundbite; book published - for whose benefit?

Tuesday 6th September
DVD to be a commercial release with a re-recorded soundtrack

Monday 28th November
Ross: I wish I'd said the bill was wrong

Friday 2nd December
Chris Martin: complaining about Live 8 is like complaining about the Crazy Frog

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M.C. Glammer said...

And in a side column: Edinburgh residents start saving for next year's council tax increases. For the Aficans, like.

Anonymous said...

You scum. Have you no compassion for the suffering of billions people in Africa? If Live8 can influence just one political desision that can save even one life (as it already has)then it has been worth it.

Bob Geldof's tireless campaigning has finally got the nation talking about the issues of extreme poverty. True all his aims may not be fuffilled at the upcoming G8 summit but now this is an issue that the people of the country care about and it will not be ignored.

You are just another person who believs it is now 'cool' to be cynical about Live8, you clearly do not understand its aims or stance.
You lack moral substance, you are a heartless, wretched worm that can only dream of the the greatness possesed by a character such as Bob Geldof.

Simon said...

Cheers, Midge.

Anonymous said...

The anonymous commenter above has missed the point. That point being the 'one life' saved in Africa balanced against the millions of dollars flying into the bank accounts of the already-loaded. They're the scum responsible for Africa's problems and anonymous is happily sucking their dicks.

Anonymous said...

True, corruption is a major factor in Afirca and is something that needs to be sorted out. Do you think though that this means we shouldn't care or do anything to help them. Most forms of aid do not go through the government. Something as simple as a mosqito injection does not go through the government and it directly saves millions of lives, are you implying this is a bad idea?

This blogger is clearly massively underinformed on how aid actually works, they just see the Live8 and associated movements as a chance stand out by being cynical, when in fact that makes you exactly the same as the media you have so readily embraced.

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

If Bob Geldof is to be praised for one thing, it's encouraging people to take a stand for what they believe in. Something, anonymous, that is to be praised indeed.

I'm sorry if you can't tell the difference between having a dubious and questioning viewpoint towards the detail of Live 8 and "having no compassion for the suffering billions of people in Africa" - I'd no idea we'd sunk so low in the way that we think these days that suggesting that Annie Lennox might not be as good a choice as Girls Aloud , that using the concert to launch a totally unrelated attack on Ebay, that inviting sponsorship from a company in an industry whose raw materials are furthering bloody conflict in the countries the concert is supposed to be helping, that many of the people who went wanted to see Madonna rather than help Africa, that over-claiming the numbers watching and attending is counterproductive, that refusing to allow participants to actually make political statements in what was meant to be a political event, that all these problems was the same as saying "I hope Africa continues to suffer". I would have hoped that anyone who took the trouble to read any, all or some of the No Rock posts on Live 8 would have been able to discern that my problem has been with the methods, and not the aims, vague and ill-defined though they were.

I totally agree with Palmer, when he rejects your suggestion that Live 8 would have been worth it if "it saved just one life" - you could have saved a small towns worth of people by diverting the cash from one Golden Zone ticket into digging wells, mine clearance, education projects - anything, other than letting a rich bloke stand in a park watching Elton John kiss Pete Doherty. I suspect, too, if Bob Geldof got home and, totting up the figures, found all his work had achieved was the saving of one life, he'd be pretty pissed off with himself and everyone else.

Has Bob's tireless campaign got people talking about the issues of extreme poverty? Funny thing is, I think it's done the opposite. The Make Poverty History campaign was making headway, I think, but it got swept away by the Live 8 rush - and in my office, the talk generated by Live 8 hasn't been about poverty and what we need to do as a generation, but about why Pink Floyd didn't do another brick in the wall and how long you'd have had to wait for a tube on Saturday night. Our workplace may be atypical, but I suspect it isn't much.

Poverty was already on the G8 agenda - firmly, clearly - long before Bob even started his denials that there wouldn't be a Live8 two. Bob's main success has been to persuade people that he put it there.

I doubt if you'll believe me, but I really couldn't care less about what is cool or not, and if you check back through my posts, I've actually been pretty cynical about Live 8 all along - it's not a thing I'm doing in the hope of impressing the boys smoking round the back of the bikesheds.

Do I dream of the greatness of Geldof? Maybe. I did think when he ripped up that poster of Travolta on Top of the Pops, he was, for a brief second, a massive countecultural hero.

I'm sorry you think that having a different opinion to Bob Geldof makes me heartless. Don't you find ut's sometimes harder to think things through than just applaud because everyone else is?

Anonymous said...

The whole basis mosts peoples opposisiton to live8, MPH etc seems to the fact that it is very mainstream, ie pop concert, fashionable wristbands etc. I am quite sure that if the 3 aims of MPH were presented another more subtle and interlectual way then you would accept and agree with it.
The fact is that the 3 aims of MPH and Live8 WORK. This aims have been endorsed by the U.N, E.U leaders and nearly all in posistions of power throughout the globe, (hell they even have the support of Bill Gates)

I see what you're saying, I'm sure 'Miss Dynamite' was only told about a continent called "Africa" before going on stage to heckle us all about it. She too will probably smile at her increased record sales. But frankly this doesn't matter. Wednesday's summit is know so firmly in the media spotlight thanks to MPH and Live8 that Blair knows he must deliver or be denounced by Geldof (who as the blogger said has massive influence over the public opinion at this time).

Anyone remember this kind of build up before 2002's summit. No,there wasn't any. All that people remember from that is a arguement between Blair and Chirac.

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

Hello, anonymous - I'm not sure if you're the original one or a new anonymous poster.

I'm a little bit bemused, frankly, as to why you assume that because I have misgivings about Live 8 that means I don't share their general aim? Or, indeed, why you think having a problem with Geldof and his chums has any bearing on the way I think about Make Poverty History, which is an entirely separate campaign (and, indeed, if you cast your eyes up to the top right of this screen, you might notice we've been carrying the MPH web-band for the last few months for exactly the same reasons that we recommended people sign the Live8Live web petition - because, for all the faults inherrent in the campaign details, the broad thrust is worth supporting.)

===The fact is that the 3 aims of MPH and Live8 WORK. This aims have been endorsed by the U.N, E.U leaders and nearly all in posistions of power throughout the globe, (hell they even have the support of Bill Gates)===

Erm... if everyone in a position of power on the globe has endorsed the aims of Live8, who was the concert supposed to be persuading then? Clearly, the vague fluffy ideas have been difficult to object to, but the actual actions that are needed to make poverty history haven't been. Take, for example, the need to abolish subsidies for agriculture - did you see Bush on Tonight last night? Clearly, he has no intention of removing the US subsidies, and has no expectation that the EU will remove theirs.

And having the support of Bill Gates, one of the most strict captialists on the face of the planet? Doesn't that suggest that the whole thing might not be as touchy-feeley lovely as it appears?

It's hugely important to not confuse Make Poverty History with Live 8, by the way - there's more than a little illfeeling at the way Bob has hijacked MPH and confused people into thinking that it's an offshoot of Live Aid; he's certainly managed to deflect attention from the poverty that equally needs to be made history elsewhere in the world.

It's curious that you think Blair has any worry about what Geldof might do if he doesn't deliver at the end of the week - he will deliver, of course, and Bob and Blair will both claim a victory, however far short of their demands things fall - Blair was able to lead this country through a war that over five times as many people marched against, and still won an election, and he's already decided he's off to the House of Lords before the next one. What's geldof going to do to him? Disrupt the book signing tour to promote his memoirs?

As for the other anonymous: Yes, I was excited by the chance Bob's concert gave me to be cynical. That's right. You have no idea how I whooped with joy when I discovered there was a tie-in with Nokia. Or how I was delighted when they signed up Lennox and Sting on the same day. "This is great, I can be really cynical about that." That's exactly what i thought. Because, of course, it couldn't be that I actually have opinions and beliefs and values that clash with some of those of the organisers', could it? I'm just doing it to be trendy and sell records.

Hang about, I just confused myself with Joss Stone for a moment.

Rolo said...

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Anonymous said...

When the whole concept of the MPH and Live 8 came about I, like possibly millions of other people, thought it was a fantastic idea. That was before the whole thing was swept away by the obvious self promotion of certain organisers and artists. What good is raising the profile of the suffering of the people of Africa if a few months down the line nobody has stumped up any real cash and the whole thing has become a distant memory. Most people probably just thought Glastonbury had changed venue. I am 100% behind ending world poverty but i think many people should have looked at the bigger picture in the first place then maybe the world would have something a bit better than an Elton John and Pete Docherty duet.

Anonymous said...

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