Sunday, August 06, 2006


Seven days in the life of No Rock & Roll Fun:

The ten most accessed stories were:

1. Heather Mills educates through porn
2. McFly try to sell records by removing their pants
3. Heather Mills: more porn
4. Could KT Tunstall be a lesbian, do you reckon?
5. The last ever Top of the Pops
6. Jessica Simpson records her break-up song
7. Lily Allen owes nothing to her dad Keith
8. MTV hits 25; axes VH2
9. The Automatic take on Sandi Thom
10. Woman "sleeps" with Robbie Williams, frames knickers

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and by pushing this lot, we helped overheat the economy just enough to force them to raise interest rates:

The Sleepy Jackson reawaken with five-star album

Season one of Rumpole meets Seinfeld lawyerfest

Michael Franti's latest state-of-the-nations reports

Classic Russell T Davies kids TV spinechiller Century Falls

Bobby Box loves his poker a little too much...

Part of a major rollout of Beefheart remasters this week

Australian pop dance/corsetry crossover